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Pickleball is a little like tennis, only smaller. It’s a little like ping pong, only bigger. It’s even a little like badminton, but played with a wiffle ball!

Come check it out or come play with us. Visit when and where to play.  See how it’s played.

Oh yes, the REWARDs are a healthier life style and a bunch of new friends!

Pickleball “Hall of Fame” Quote

We play with relish;

Put mustard on the server;

and when we are behind, we ketchup!

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2017 Pickleball for Heroes

September 1-3, 2017

Apex Simms Street Center

Outdoor Courts

11706 W. 82nd Avenue

Arvada, CO 80005

100% of all proceeds from the Pickleball for Heroes tournament will go directly to Veterans!!

To sponsor or donate visit: craighospital.org/events/2017-pickleball-for-heroes      303-789-8650

Check out the brochure and registration packet here!

Or register on line at teamsideline.com/apex

Check out the Pickleball for Heroes Website at:


Results are in:  

Pickleball for Heroes Brackets/Results

Friday, Men’s Doubles

3.0  18-39, 50-59, 70+

18-39   Gold   Mark Chrisman/Matty Chrisman

 50-59  Gold   Tony Claiborne/John Lenz

70+     Gold   John Zook/Michael Morian

                Silver  Jack Roberts/Walt Weibler

               Bronze Leonard Nelson/John Polhamus

3.5  18-39, 40-49, 50-59

18-39  Gold  Dustin Smith/Nick Meyers

               Silver  Paul Wagner/Patrick Larson

              Bronze Don Engelhardt/Ross Roggow

40-49 Gold   Rick Burge/Higgs

             Silver  Zachary Echols/Paul McGinty

50-59 Gold  Rexroth/Rexroth

             Silver  Tim Wells/Rich Coon

              Silver  Gene Hayden/Mike Dimond

             Bronze John Gallen/Jim Haynes

3.5 60-69

            Gold  Nellis/Stolbof

            Silver  Regali/Coburn

            Bronze  Tom Carney/Dave Crawford

3.5/4.0 70+

3.5     Gold   Fred Searle/Bob Ross

            Silver  Ron Herro/Wayne Dellinger

             Bronze James Clyncke/Bob Doerges

 4.0  Gold   Steve Cole/Ken Axelsen

4.0 18-39, 40-49, 50-59

18-39  Gold  Nate Eaton/Mike Miles

             Silver  Rafael Rosario/Taylor Springer

 40-49 Gold  Ruddy Vivanco/David Brown

              Silver  Frank Ponting/Weaver

             Bronze Sean Kepler/Brandon Cope

 50-59 Gold  Terry Shaffer/Gary Merrill

             Silver  Owen Ellis/Ed Viglione

4.0 60-69

            Gold  Daniel Sage/Jim Eichman

            Silver  William Wood/Doug Jameson

             Bronze Larry Jaramillo/Jim Kotowski

4.5 18-39, 50-59, 60-69

18-39  Gold   Corey Carlson/Isaiah Grayck

 50-59 Gold  William Shreck/Ken Lehman

              Silver  Dan Jackson/Oscar Thammasine

             Bronze Jason Aerni/Mike Guidry

 60-69 Gold  Dan Schuler/Tom Karas

            Silver  Dwayne Duffy/Rick Reed

Friday, Women’s Doubles

3.0 50-59 Gold  Kimberley Chrisman/Stephanie Musella

             Silver  Jean Cable/Teresa Errington  

             Bronze Rachel Hawkridge/Kathy Dreman

3.0 60-69 Gold   Diane Herro/Susan Carpio

            Silver  Rhonda Ryan/Roxie Ronsen

             Bronze Linda Broom/Connie Andres

3.0/3.5/4.0 70+ 3.0 Gold Leslie Hawkinson/Judy O’Berry

  3.5 Gold  Dottie West/Kathy Twitty

             Silver  Hilda Trickey/Renate Lehnerz

            Bronze Judy Hindman/Joy Crowe

   4.0 Gold  Chris Beale/Jacy Showers

3.5 50-59 Gold  Pam Gorski/Peterman

            Silver  Kay Danielson/Kim Danielson

             Bronze Patty Gallegos/Lisa Loptien

3.5 60-69 Gold  Jean Hughes/Georgia Beletsos

  Silver  Kay Moore/Elaine Bailey

             Bronze Rose Seavey/Pat Bethel

3.5/4.0 18-39

3.5  Gold  Lillian Ponting/Erika Roggow

4.0  Gold  Wendy Roxroth/Taylor Oliver

            Silver  Veronica Rivera/Vivien Vasquez

4.0/4.5 18-39, 40-49

4.0 18-39   Gold  Jill McCorrison/Brooks Temple

              Silver  Sarah Beinlich/Kim Forgrave

              Bronze  Elizabeth Westmark/Cricket Martin

 4.5 18-39   Gold  Roxanne Lennick/Kim Kesner

4.0/4.5   50-59, 60-69

4.0 50-59  Gold  Shari Brinn/Debra Huribut

              Silver Kathryn Burge/Kim Ferreira

4.5 40-49  Gold Cherie Chao/Jaime Knoph

4.5 50-59  Gold Susan Henderson/Chris Newcomer

 60-69  Gold Polly Unger/Jean Marsh

Saturday, Mixed Doubles


3.0 50-59, 60-69

50-59 Gold  Kimberley Chrisman/Mark Chrisman

 60-69 Gold  Pam Monier/Monier

             Silver  Michael Arakawa/Karen Arakawa

            Bronze Russ Wulfson/Jerene Peterson

3.0/3.5  18-39

3.0  Gold  Tim Patrick/Nicle Gibson

3.5  Gold  Matt Holmes/Molly Myers

             Silver  Ravi Vaydande/Heather Webb

            Bronze Tori Chau/Trace Andrews

3.0/3.5    70+

 3.0  Gold  Don Peterson/Judy O’Berry

             Silver  Lon Anderson/Barbara Lutz

            Bronze  Karen Narveson/John Narveson

 3.5  Gold  James Clyncke/Patti Pomponio

          Silver  Tom Carney/Linda Wiles

3.5 40-49, 50-59

40-49 Gold  Rick Sorenson /Rachel Oxendon

          Silver  Glenn Sproul/Maureen Russ

 50-59 Gold  Jason Aerni/Kim Wells

             Silver  John Gallen/Wendy Rexroth

            Bronze Lisa Tierney/Pat Tierney

3.5 60-69

            Gold  Gary Freitas/Shirley Scheller

             Silver  Bill Clark/Ruth Kent

             Bronze James Eichman/Sheila Haulter

4.0 18-39, 40-49

18-39  Gold  Robert Robinson/Taylor Oliver

            Silver  Ben Henderson/Susan Henderson

40-49 Gold  Selina Dagger/Abrahams

            Silver  David Brown/Elizabeth Westmark

4.0 40-49

             Gold  Sara Beinlich/Frank Ponting

             Silver  Mark Rexroth/Veronica Rivera

              Bronze Tom Chau/Kristen Dankenburg

4.0 50-59, 60-69

50-59 Gold  Ed Vanderpool/Patty Meyer

             Silver  William Wood/Jane Wood

             Bronze Gary Merrill/Silvie Beauregard

60-69 Gold  David Holmes/Brooks Temple

              Silver  Ron Ferrari/Shari Brinn

             Bronze Jean Marsh/Dan Keough

4.5 18-39, 40-49, 50-59

18-39  Gold  Scott Lennick/Roxanne Lennick

40-49 Gold  Cherie Chao/Juan Ceccato

             Silver  William Schreck/Hobie

50-59 Gold  John Rexroth/Polly Unger

Sunday - Parent/Child

7-11  Gold   Sheila Haulter/Westmorlan Haulter

            Silver   Leonard Nelson/Landon Nelson

           Bronze  Amy Nitta/Roane Nitta

12-15  Gold   Nick Kinard/Kinard Twins

             Silver   Michael Morian/Dylan VanderVeen

             Bronze  Selina Dagger/Luke Dagger

Sunday Singles

Men’s   3.5 50-59, 60-69, 70+

 50-59 Gold  Paul McGinty

  60-69 Gold  Wolfgang Hausle

                Silver  Neil Eckhoff

 70+  Gold  Rob Ross

               Silver  Dan LeCrone

Men’s    3.5/4.0/4.5 18-39, 40-49

3.5 18-39  Gold  Richard Duncan

               Silver  Michael Voight

 40-49 Gold  Paul Wagner

 4.0 18-39  Gold  Brian Seckel

 40-49 Gold  Zachary Echols

 4.5   Gold   Rafael Rosario

Men’s & Women’s  4.0/4.5 50-59, 60-69

Men 4.0 40-49 Gold  Brandon Cope

              Silver  Brian Kaplin

  50-59 Gold  Sean Kepler

  60-69 Gold  Daniel Sage

Women 4.5 50-59 Gold   Susan Henderson

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