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Pickleball is a little like tennis, only smaller. It’s a little like ping pong, only bigger. It’s even a little like badminton, but played with a wiffle ball!

Come check it out or come play with us. Visit when and where to play.  See how it’s played.

Oh yes, the REWARDs are a healthier life style and a bunch of new friends!

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Pickleball “Hall of Fame” Quote

We play with relish;

Put mustard on the server;

and when we are behind, we ketchup!

Jan. 12, 2014

APEX Outdoor Pickleball Courts are open!  See pictures of Operation Outdoor Courts!

Jan. 9, 2014

New Profile of a wheelchair pickleballer!

Apex Winter Blast Pickleball Tournament.  Thanks to those that participated!

April 5, 2014

Jan. 12, 2014

Jan. 12, 2014

Coming to Apex: Winter Blast PB Mixer! See Tournaments.

Jan. 12, 2014

Feb. 28, 2014

Pics of Level Player Field & Wheelchair PB added. See Photos.

Pickleball community creates Caring Hearts!

Jan. 12, 2014

Free Pickleball Clinic for People with Disabilities held at Apex.  See flyer.  Ken’s Thank You!

June 1, 2014

Apex Newsletter

June 28, 2014

We had over 100 people Saturday at the Demo Challenge put on by Scott and Daniel Moore.  They put on a great Demo.  It was very inspiring!

Apex was awarded $225,000 from Jefferson County Open Space (lottery monies) for eight more courts and restroom.  Construction will start this February on the courts and restrooms.  Completion should be July or August of 2014.

July 1, 2014

July  2, 2014

Awww Outdoor Court

Report from the new courts as of July 1, 2014. The courts were full. Old experienced players and new to the game player were all having a great time. The weather was ideal. Cool and just a hint of a breeze. The crack of the paddles were ringing out. The scores were being called out clear and loud. Just warm enough on this summer night to enjoy the games being played yet not too warm to chase away the folks who had been going at it since the early evening. Play continued past dark as the lights came up and worked wonderfully. Fun was being had by all. Just then the time came very unexpectedly as the lights shut off on all the courts. A huge Aw was heard from players young and old as we all realized we were done for the day. People surprisingly did not break for the parking lot but stayed on for quite a while. Lots of visiting and talk of the game, the interest, and the things that only players understand. Truly enjoyed the benches, the pavilions and the company. What a great experience.

Thank you for all you did and continue to do.


Three inmates from the Fremont Correctional Facility outside of Canon City, CO won first ever pickleball championship inside Fremont Correctional Facility. See photo: L to R: Billy H., Nate, B, and Kevin P.  Note their somewhat untraditional paddles. The paddles were made in the prison furniture shop and are heavier than the commercial variety because the players were regularly going through the commercial ones every couple of weeks.  There is even talk of forming a pickleball league.  It is reported that players are learning that finesse is just as effective as slamming the ball…and that finesse helps their paddles last longer.

July 7, 2014

How You Know If You Are a Pickleball Addict!

August 1,2014

Boot Camp - Goodson Rec Center; South Suburban Parks & Rec

Goodson Rec Center is hosting another Boot Camp for beginners and intermediat players - 4 Sundays starting August 17 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Register online at Pickleball Boot Camp Goodson

PICKLEBALLKEN is NOW on FACEBOOK!!    September 23, 2014

Hello pickleballers, 

This message is coming to you from Tom Carney and Jackie Gilligan (Jackie also manages Ken's website for him). Ken has asked us to oversee or manage the PickleballKen Facebook site for him. We will try our best!  

I am writing to all of you through PickleballKen to invite each of you to be part of a Facebook posting that Jackie Gilligan has set up for all of us to use in a positive way.  Just search for pickleballken (if you are already on that program) or you can go to facebook.com/pickleballken and become friends and you will be able to post your notes on that Facebook page for all of your Pickleball friends to see. 

Here are a few suggestions for use. 

1. You may post a tournament you have coming up? Or you want to post results and thank all of the players for coming out to play? 

2. You might be looking for a partner for an upcoming tournament? 

3. You are heading to go play (it could even be the next day) at an indoor or outdoor court and you are just letting other players know that they are welcome to come and join. 

4. You are at a tournament and you might want to talk about how well you are playing or how much fun you are having?  

5. Just giving your normal Facebook post that would relate to Pickleball.

6. Or a group of Pickleball people will be getting together at "Joe's Bar" after playing today? 


I think you get the idea where we are going with this, it's just another place for all of the players to get together and talk about pickleball and invite your friends to do the same?


Grand Opening - Apex Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Friday, October 3, Apex held its grand opening of the second eight outdoor courts.  A fun time was had by all!!   See the Cow and Pickleman play!

Fox 31 Visits Apex Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Monday, October 6, Fox 31 came to the Pickleball Courts to interview Pickleball Ken and check out the new pickleball courts.  The Pickleman was in attendance and Dan Daru tries his hand at Pickleball.  Check out the news clips at http:kdvr.com/2014/10/06/lets-play-pickleball/

Pickleball Ken and Our New Mascot Sheeba

Sheeba, a long haired American Akita, whose legal name is Black Canyon's Autumn Camouflage, is our new mascot.

Drop-In Pickleball at Carbon Valley Recreation

Beginning October 27, Carbon Valley Recreation Center, (701 5th St., Frederick, CO 80530) will have drop-in pickleball serving the areas of Firestone, Frederick, and Dacona.  Four courts are marked in the gym and will be open from 9 a.m. To noon Mondays-Fridays.

Aaron Stewart

Adult Sports Coordinator

Carbon Valley Park & Recreation District

303-833-3660 Ext. 111

Fax 303-833-7068



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Notes from the local Pickleball Community

Green Mountain Pickleball

Dear Green Mountain pickleball enthusiasts,

Thank you for playing pickleball in Lakewood! You have made the newly renovated courts a great success and it is wonderful to see so many players enjoying our newest facility. The interest in play has been tremendous and as these are our first outdoor courts, we are learning more about the game as well. One challenge has presented itself that we have been evaluating since the opening of the new courts and that is that the noise level of the ball on the racquet has a greater impact on the neighbors than tennis. After two months of evaluation, we have determined that our normal park hours of 5 a.m. – 10 p.m. will no longer apply to the courts. To make this a positive environment for everyone, we will be changing the court hours to 7 a.m.- 9p.m, effective immediately. Signs will be posted reflecting this change.

Thank you for your understanding and support and for making our newest facility such a great success. We hope to see you out on the courts soon!

Peggy Boccard

Recreation Manager






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Mission Green Tennis/Pickleball Courts

Mission Green Tennis Courts off Hoover, between Bella Vista and Pine has one Pickleball Court.  No lights!

Check out the latest page

When I’m Not Playing Pickleball!!!

Margaret Melander is our first feature!

Apex Holds Wheel Chair Clinic November 15, 2014

On November 15, is spite of the bad weather, APEX held another great Wheel Chair Clinic.

Check out the great pictures!