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Pickleball is a little like tennis, only smaller. It’s a little like ping pong, only bigger. It’s even a little like badminton, but played with a wiffle ball!

Come check it out or come play with us. Visit when and where to play.  See how it’s played.

Oh yes, the REWARDs are a healthier life style and a bunch of new friends!

Pickleball “Hall of Fame” Quote

We play with relish;

Put mustard on the server;

and when we are behind, we ketchup!

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Parker Racquet Club pickleball schedule this week: We are limiting players to 1 session per week to try to accommodate more players.

Wed Night: Feb 3, 8-10 pm

Thursday Noon: Feb 4, 12-2

No Sunday, Feb 7 Session …Superbowl!!!

The Hot Shots (4.5+) face off this Friday afternoon in the Round Robin Winter Series, Feb 5 (2-4 pm).

Please be sure to adhere to the Covid policies.  For everyone’s safey, the allowable number of players is very limited.

The above play sessions are for intermediate and Advanced levels of play (3.5+), and a reservation of your spot if required.

Tom Carney Honored at 3rd Annual PBKen Changing Lives Award Event

The 3rd Annual PBKen Changing Lives Award Event was held Tuesday, February 25, at the Storyline Fellowship.  The fundraiser was very successful, raising over $4000 for TBI Freedom and Craig Hospital Foundation. One hundred percent of that money goes to help Veterans!  The honoree this year was Tom Carney for all the work he has done to promote the sport of Pickleball in the Arvada community!!!  Well done Tom!