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Pickleball is a little like tennis, only smaller. It’s a little like ping pong, only bigger. It’s even a little like badminton, but played with a wiffle ball!

Come check it out or come play with us. Visit when and where to play.  See how it’s played.

Oh yes, the REWARDs are a healthier life style and a bunch of new friends!

Pickleball “Hall of Fame” Quote

We play with relish;

Put mustard on the server;

and when we are behind, we ketchup!

Mike Miles’ Farewell

***Pickleball For Heroes

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Don’t Dink Twice

News Release for Craig Below is the link to the press release for our new sponsor Craig Hospital for the Pickleball for Heroes tournament.

 The Pickleball for Heroes fund raiser will be the 2nd thru 4th of September. We are excited about our new sponsor, Craig Hospital teamed up with Operation TBI Freedom. More information to come.